EzyTile Slate Patio Tiles

Enjoy a classic slate tiled patio without hard work, messy adhesives or tedious grouting.  Interlocking tiles ensures precise, hassle free tile spacing and alignment.

EzyTile Granite Patio Tiles

Hardwearing, low maintenance granite keeps looking great year after year.  Simply click tiles in place over most hard surfaces.

EzyTile Ceramic Patio Tiles

Interlocking ceramic tiles with slip resistant surface avoid the hard work of conventional tile installation.  Lift up and re-install the tiles at any time.

Classic beauty of natural stone

Enjoy a natural stone surface without the burden of conventional tile installation

Extensive range of materials

Choose the ideal material and color to blend with your decor

Easy to install

Interlocking design means tiles simply clip together over most hard surfaces


Can't decide what's best for your project?

Upload a picture of your project in just a few clicks, see a "before" and "after" visualization of your project, with the interlocking patio tiles of your choice.

Try before you buy - Online Visualizer