Teak Patio Tiles


Styles & Specifications

Highly prized for boat decks, high-end interior flooring and outdoor furniture, teak is renowned worldwide not only for its attractive, satiny smooth surface and resistance to splintering, but its exceptional resistance to expansion, contraction and warping in exposed outdoor locations.

  • Botanical name – Tectona grandis
  • Golden brown color, varying to reddish brown, often with lighter, longitudinal streaks
  • Smooth to coarse texture. Straight grain, occasionally interlocked
  • Moderately hard and dense (Janka 1155)
  • Highly resistant to termites, decay and mold (rated Class 2 - durable)
  • Up to 3 times the life of many other decking materials (15-25 year lifetime)
  • Weathers to a soft silvery grey, remaining smooth and splinter free

"Classic" Style

  • Classic style with four parallel slats
  • Can be laid either in basketweave or parallel pattern
  • Combine with Sierra or Double-C styles for additional design options
Tile size (covered area) 12" x 12" (305 x 305mm)
Tile Height (incl. base) 1 3/16" (31mm)
Base Height 9/16" (16mm)
Wood Slat Thickness 9/16" (15mm)
Tile Weight 2.8 lbs (approx.) (1.3kg)
Packing 12 tiles per carton
Carton Size 15" x 13" x 13"
Carton Weight 33 lbs (15 kg)
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Classic Style

Teak tiles-basketweave


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